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 In Ayurveda it has a great significant and widely used remedy, It is generally utilized with tea for its extraordinary taste and fragrance. Ginger tea is a delicious classic that can help relieve stomach upset, nausea, cold and flu symptoms, and even some other health problems. Ginger is also known to have many benefits when taken internally or used externally as a topical treatment. Ginger is the plant that produces the highest amount of antioxidants in comparison to any other. The more ginger we consume, the better our immune system performs. It’s a great idea to drink ginger tea often as it can have a number of health benefits. A ginger tea can help you feel calm, motivated, and refreshed. It can also provide you with a host of other benefits ­ bacteria-fighting properties, digestion support, and an anti-inflammatory effect. It’s highly recommended that you drink ginger tea before bedtime to help aid in sleep.